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“Mike was referred to me to sell my home in Monrovia and I interviewed him along with other agents. I was quickly impressed with Mike’s strategies and methods and getting me a fantastic price. He was able to sell my home in 1 week with a 30 day escrow and a very smooth close. I highly recommend Mike. I have already told my good friend to interview Mike.”
– Rick Martinez, Psy.D. | Monrovia

“Michael, THANK YOU sooooo much, you’ve done a great job! You are truly a professional person with a lot of patience, and a listening ear. I know at times you probably thought we were crazy. We kept putting in our prayer request to sell and to bless you, your families, and your firm. Again, thank you and God bless.”
– Annie & Rosie Tellez, Trustees | Pasadena Units

“My mother and myself were very happy with your service and highly recommend you during conversations. Please feel free to use my name or contact info as I was very satisfied with your knowledge and performance. I wish you and your family all the best.”
– Officer Dale Falicon, Trustee | Pasadena

“Mike Bell was referred to me by a commercial broker who said “Just call Mike”. I’m glad I did because I interviewed other agents and Mike was by far the most forthright, thorough, patient, and professional. Mike made me feel very comfortable. Mike did a fantastic job and I trust him!”
– Jill Hinman, Trustee | South Pasadena

“I asked my family for a broker referral. I needed someone I could trust explicitly, who was very experienced, highly ethical, and with excellent communication. I was told to call Mike Bell. I decided to interview a few others in the neighborhood, but when I met Mike it was obvious he was perfect for our family home. Thank you Mike!”
– Sharon Strickland | Glendale

“We know a lot of Realtors. But Mike was an easy choice. He knows the market, and worked very hard on getting us $60,000 over the appraised value, and negotiating great terms, which allowed our family to easily transition to our new home. He prepared us and our home, so well, that we were able to have a 5 day escrow. We are very happy.”
– Albert and Heather Smith | San Gabriel

“To all who would consider hiring Mike Bell: I give Mike five stars for handling all the details and finally closing the sale of my family’s home in Pasadena. Throughout the transaction he was very responsive, professional in dealing with us and the various third-parties involved in various aspects, he was always straight-forward and quick with his answers to us, tenacious when chasing down buyers and negotiating on our behalf. He is very adept at managing the details of every aspect of the sale. He was very high-touch service oriented and hard-nosed when he needed to be. If ever I can offer more color or background about Mike’s and his team’s abilities, I remain open to giving a reference.”
– John Oler

“I want to add my thanks and huge appreciation for your handling of the complicated marketing of my condo. I know you went way out, on the bow-sprit on all of this, and I am so relieved that the boat is about to dock. I will gladly refer you to anyone seeking a seasoned broker that has sailed on rough seas. Of course, fly this on your mast!”
– Fr. Clarke Oler | Pasadena

“You were the last agent we interviewed to sell our home. You knew the improvements that would yield the best return, and in hindsight you were spot-on. Your persistence, knowledge, and specific strategy worked great. We got the best price and terms, for sure. Thanks Mike!”
– Suzette Graeber, Trustee

“Thank you so much for the fantastic job negotiating the sale of our house. It was so wonderful that while we were away on our cruise we were able to enjoy ourselves knowing the sale of our house was in good hands. The way you were able to maximize our profit is truly incredible. We are very grateful that you represented us again.”
– Bob and Melissa Melendes | Bungalow Heaven, Pasadena (2 transactions)

“Thank You Mike!!!!! It is rare to do business with someone as energetic and devoted to doing a great job as you are. As we were from out-of-town, and didn’t know where to get the help we needed, you went out of your way to help us and stopped by to check on us & see if we needed anything. You sold my folks’ house quickly and took care of all the details. We would recommend you to anyone that wants to sell their property. You did a wonderful job, and we’d like to think we made a new friend. My only regret is that you can’t sell our home in Iowa for us.”
– Jan & Dean Wiebold, Trustees | Pasadena

“Having trouble selling your house whether it’s probate issues or a poor Realtor? This was my problem too. I could not sell my house even though it was a seller’s market. I was with my previous agent for 10 years through several transactions. Then I found Mike. He made some promises that were not in line with what I was currently experiencing with the sale of my house. To my surprise he kept every promise. Mike Bell went above and beyond his duties in the sale of my house. In a short time, he sold the house. The simple truth is this: if you’re having trouble selling your house then you need to call Mike Bell. He’ll keep his promises and get the job done. Mike Bell…there’s a ‘ring of truth’ to what he does!”
– Daniel Gavin

“Mike sold our home this past year. He demonstrated strong intuition and negotiation skills. He was honest and responsive, from the moment he drafted our listing, to when we passed him our keys. His results exceeded my expectations, and I would use him again, without hesitation.”
– Phillip Marr, Esq. | Los Angeles

“Mike, nice work by you and your team, it was a nice, smooth and quick transaction.”
– Colin T. Greene, Esq.

“Mike, you provided a very thorough and comprehensive sale. You pushed all the right buttons, and ensured all the right events occurred on time. I am very pleased with your work, especially seeing to it that we got overbids (in probate court) and closed on time. I am looking forward to other transactions with you and your team. Keep up the good work.”
– Craig Lucas, Esq. | Pasadena

“I thought I had already found the right Realtor to sell my house. But you were referred to me by a prominent attorney. I decided to, at least, interview you and hear what you had to say. After our first meeting, my family and I knew that you were the one we wanted to work with. You promised a lot, and certainly delivered on each of them. You focused on getting the job done quickly and worked hard to make sure everything was taken care of from start to finish. I especially appreciated your mastery of contract negotiations and your dedication to your clients. I highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and hardworking Realtor. Thank you.”
– Senait Yilma | Pasadena

“Dear Mike, Thank you so much for all of the hard work you did for my Mom. She is SO happy. Please thank your team from me, too. I know the process wasn’t easy for you, and I truly appreciate the hard work everyone did for my Mom. Again, she is so happy with you and your team. I am a flight attendant with American Airlines and I’d love to pass out your cards to promote you. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know that may be thinking of selling.”
– Patrick Driscoll | Pasadena, lives in Phoenix, Arizona

“I am already referring you to my family and friends. They deserve your level of service and results. I appreciate how aggressive you were on the important issues, and never putting me in a position where I could lose money. You really explained every part of the process, allowed me to be very comfortable, and got my home at a fantastic price.”
– Soussi Jegelian | Pasadena

“Thanks, more than we can say, for your limitless efforts to bring these sales to a close. Thank you for your yeoman services. You did what the first Realtor couldn’t do. As I have told you, you’re one in a million. You’re the Greatest!”
– Richard Ergo, Esq. (Ret)

“There once was a realtor named Mike. Who put a sign in my yard with a spike. My house sold real fast. We all had a blast. So tell me, what’s there not to like?
– Margie Homer, Trustee | Bungalow Heaven, Pasadena (2 Transactions)

“Mike Bell is a consummate professional! We were out-of-state sellers, and Mike and his team handled every aspect of our transaction impeccably. When things got tricky, Mike knew not only the intricacies of the Real Estate law, but just as importantly, he knew what needed to get done to resolve the issues and keep our escrow moving forward. If you are looking for the best price for your property, a smooth transaction and complete satisfaction, then Mike Bell is your man!”
– Daniel Colimon | Mission Meridian Village, South Pasadena

“Mike, you made the transaction happen. I believed in you, and you closed it in 30 days when everyone said it couldn’t. You were so professional.”
– Rosa Leung | Bungalow Heaven, Pasadena

“You were referred by an attorney and we are both so very pleased. You were diligent, enthusiastic, moved the sale along to close, and were correct in your assumptions from start to finish. Great strategies, market knowledge, and results Mike. The attorney and I will absolutely work with you in the future, as we’ve already told others about our experience.”
– Ruben Caprari, Successor Trustee | Pasadena

“Mike, thank you for your excellent work in both selling my home in Pasadena and negotiating the purchase of my new condo in Pasadena (and again selling it for me). I have been consistently pleased with your preparedness, organization, market knowledge, and frank and professional nature. In addition, you were just a true pleasure to work with during stressful situations. I will definitely use you for future real estate transactions and will gladly refer you to friends and family.”
– Dr. Christina Smolke | Pasadena (3 transactions)

“Mike Bell assisted us in a recent real estate transaction. In my view, Mike is one of the most competent, understanding real estate brokers in the business. He gets to know you as an individual, so that he is prepared to act in a responsible and thoughtful way when meeting your objectives. He is also very warm, sincere and engaging, so that both buyers and sellers have a positive impression of any interaction. He even knows how to deliver bad news (and there are always snafus) in a warm and competent manner. I would recommend him enthusiastically for your real estate needs.”
– Joseph M Zanetta, Esq. | Mission Meridian Village, South Pasadena (2 transactions)

“Michael Bell is one of the finest professionals with whom I have ever done business. Forthright and honest, Michael clearly knows his market, customers and business. All questions and dealings are handled with speed and completeness. He brings a broad, personal experience to the job and an array of resources that I have found invaluable. You will find very few individuals with the capabilities and integrity of Michael Bell.”
– Bryant Duffy | Sierra Madre and Altadena (2 transactions)

“Mike, thank you for a great job in finding and, smartly, negotiating the purchase of my home in South Pasadena. We met at an Open House, and I used your services because of your market knowledge, and was happy that you knew many agents. When a friend or family member needs great real estate consultation, I will have them call you.”
– Rustin Mork | Mission Meridian Village, South Pasadena (4 transactions)

“Mike, thank you for your hard work over the years: You’ve worked very hard and so well with all my different clients (and also on selling my own home) and I appreciate everything that you’ve done. That’s why I continue to give you all of my real estate business. Additionally, the probate sales you’ve handled were done extremely well, and the estates you represented were very happy with the tremendous overbids you produced because of your marketing know-how. Thanks again Mike.”
– Rhonda Walker, Esq. | Pasadena, Altadena, Arcadia (5 transactions)

“I hired Mike to help me sell my first condo, after interviewing 3 other aggressive and pushy agents. I hired him again for my next two real estate transactions. He has always been responsive, respectful, and aggressive on my behalf without being pushy, and I would definitely recommend him for any real estate transaction you have.”
– Sallie Manson | Pasadena (4 transactions)

“I would not hesitate in recommending Mike Bell to anyone looking in today’s tricky market. Even though the offer we made on our current home was the third lowest monetarily, it was accepted due to Mike’s expertise in handling the deal. His knowledge of the market, attentiveness and ingenuity secured the home of our dreams and I, honestly, don’t believe we would be living where we are without his fine work.”
– Mike and Jane Devlin | Bungalow Heaven, Pasadena (2 transactions)

“Thank you for handling my Pasadena homes so well, since I am out of state. You have great marketing and great follow-up. Also, helping me with the permit process was really fantastic.”
– Charles Bohannon | Bungalow Heaven, Pasadena (5 transactions)

“Mike, thank you for doing what you promised: Your preparedness, reputation with other agents, and advice was clearly a huge advantage, and your attention anchored our trust. Mike has successfully performed 4 real estate deals for us since 2005. If you’re looking for an ethical, detail oriented broker, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Mike.”
– David & Frances Valera | Pasadena, Mission Meridian Village in South Pasadena, La Crescenta (5 transactions)

“My wife and I have worked with Mike numerous times as buyer and seller. His combination of market awareness and attention to detail are unmatched. We wouldn’t use anyone else.”
– Francis Senger | Pasadena (3 transactions)

“Mike Bell was an integral and valuable part of our buying experience and strategy in the competitive South Pasadena market. Every step along the way, he was present and on top of all that needed to be done to make our process smooth and speedy. Not only do we like Mike as a person, down to earth, straight-forward and kind, but he is also an excellent Realtor/Broker. He fought for us and is highly knowledgeable and creative. We had experiences with other Realtors before, yet decided to go with Mike, in order to optimize our chances of finding and securing our dream home. It is especially helpful that he had an excellent reputation in the brokerage community, which helped get our offer accepted in the midst of a 9-party bidding war. We are thrilled to be living in a fantastic place… thanks to Mike Bell.”
– Dr. Michael and Ann Wang | South Pasadena

“Mike Bell was referred to me. Because I am in Arizona, I needed a really good local broker to help me. Mike has a great network of people he works with that took care of every detail. He kept me informed, almost daily, so I got to make the majority of decisions. Mike did a fantastic job. We were only on the market for 3 weeks and he was able to get multiple offers. It was a pleasant experience and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Mike!”
– Dick Fleischer | Pasadena

“Mike, I didn’t know you were an Eagle Scout until I read your bio. I don’t know much about Boy Scouts, but you certainly were prepared, informed, enthusiastic, and handled my business with integrity. You’ve helped my family and I purchase our first home, and a few years later, our present home, as well as sell our other houses. In all 3 dealings you were never pushy, and I really appreciate that…thank you Mike!”
– Celia Wong | Alhambra (3 transactions)

“Mike thanks for handling my family’s trust sales in Pasadena and Sierra Madre, so well. Your expertise in the market and your understanding of the trust process made selling these properties very smooth. Your attention to the small details, and all the updates and straight-talk was great.”
– Kathy Blond, Trustee | Pasadena and Sierra Madre (2 transactions)

“Mike is a very skilled and great agent. In the two transactions we worked on, I was impressed with Mike’s ability to keep things moving forward and his spot-on advice. I would highly recommend Mike Bell to both buyer and seller. He understands the market, and better yet he understands people. Mike is a winner.”
– Jeff Jones, CFO, Lake Ave Church | Pasadena (2 transactions)

“Michael Bell has had a profound effect on my current financial condition. In the past 4 years, he has handled 3 real estate transactions for me. Despite the fact that I have family and friends who also work in the real estate field, I chose Michael because he is the only one who seemed to take me seriously. He has a very keen business sense and always seems to be privy to information that other agents aren’t. I’ve gotten in on some great deals just because he already had his foot in the door, a door that had already been closed otherwise. He is tenacious and hard-working and doesn’t stop until he gets you what you want. I so appreciate what Michael has helped me achieve.”
– Tina Spano | Mission Meridian Village, South Pasadena (4 transactions)

“We already had a reputable agent, who was also a personal friend. Our home did not sell. I was advised to call Mike. While all this was happening, I was thousands of miles away. My husband had passed away and I felt I was in a vulnerable situation. Also, I had a specific strategy in mind regarding the sale, and Mike was able to customize the marketing so as to accomplish my needs. Mike came through for me. The transaction was completed within 7 weeks thanks to Mike and his calmness in a nail-biting, stressful situation. I would not hesitate to refer Mike Bell to anyone. Many, many thanks to you, personally, Mike. You were God-sent, and that’s not to be taken lightly. Things worked out miraculously. Kudos!!!”
– Glenda Fraser | Pasadena

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