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Here is a sampling of notable homes and their famous architects that I have had the privilege of handling:

  • Greene and Greene, notably the Landmark Covelle House
  • The Skidmore House by G. Lawrence Stimson
  • The Ralph (of the supermarket chain) House by Gregory Ain
  • The Mulvin House by Cyril Bennett
  • A wonderful Henry C. Deming home
  • The William W. Seaman House by Gordon Palmer
  • The Mead House designed by Louis B. Easton
  • An Edward M. Fowler designed home
  • An Arlos Rand Sedgley designed home
  • A Kenneth A. Gordon designed home
  • The Tilghman H. Swain Landmark House by Parker O. Wright
  • The Preble Estate by Joseph Blick of Blick & Moore
  • A Gary O. Davis designed contemporary
  • One of the first Edward O. Daniell designed homes
  • Multiple homes by Stephanos Polyzoides of Moule & Polyzoides
  • The Cazador Castle by Roy D. Jones in Los Angeles
  • The Acorn Lodge, in Wrightwood, built by William Bristol
  • Artist David Green’s home designed by Randell Makinson
  • A home by Frederick Monhoff
  • A home by William C. Blanch of Alderman & Blanch, who worked with Reginald Johnson
  • A contemporary home by Leslie Arthur
  • The Gibson House, built and designed by Charnock & Ford
  • Numerous units at Frederick Roehrig’s famed Castle Green
  • The Embree house (of school bus fame) by Robert F. Foss and Company
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